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Aug 11

Rock ‘n’ Roll bride plays with Upper Street

Category: Bridal,Customer Stories

Rock’n'Roll Bride, Kat Williams, is our favourite wedding blogger. Why?

Because like Upper Street she believes your wedding should be about you, your style and your taste, not what the wedding industry or latest “celebrity” wedding dictates you should wear and do. Kat is a true individual and shares with us how she became hooked on designing her own shoes.

1. Tell us a little about yourself
I’m Kat and I’m a full time wedding blogger. I live in Reading with my husband Gareth and our two Maine Coon cats Henry & Rachel. I work from home but I love to let loose at least once a week and go and paint the town…erm…PINK!

2. How would you describe your personal style?
Eclectic! I wear a lot of high street clothes and add more expensive or outrageous accessories to keep my look unique. Sometimes I’ll keep my outfit quite low key – a well fitting plain cotton maxi dress or tee shirt and high waisted 50′s skirt but go mental with the accessories – massive bows in my hair or flower head garlands, plastic, shiny & sparkly jewellery, crazy shoes and colourful bags!

3. What’s your relationship with shoes?
I’d describe my relationship with shoes as a love/hate one! I LOVE beautiful shoes but my feet don’t. I’m actually pretty rubbish at walking in heels and usually wear flats or converse trainers. That doesn’t stop my lusting over skyscraper heels and wedges though!
I was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable my new Upper Street shoes were though and I can’t WAIT to debut them on a night out with the girls. I will certainly be planning my outfit around them!

Even though I’m a self confessed rubbish heel-walker I’ll shamefully admit I do buy shoes just because they’re so PRETTY. I have about 50 pairs of shoes (eeek don’t tell the husband!) and they are stored (ahem hidden) in various places around our house – at the bottom of my wardrobe, under the bed, down the side of my chest of drawers! My favourite and prettiest pairs are proudly lined up and displayed on my bedroom floor…and yes my Sex Kitten Upper Street shoes have joined this pack! I saw this great idea on a blog of getting a cheap bookcase and using that to display your favourite shoes this week though. I think a trip to Ikea is in order!

4. What was your design inspiration for your Upper Street shoes?
I wear a lot of black and LOVE pink and leopard print so I knew straight off that these were the three elements I wanted to incorporate in my new shoes. I also have a massive penchant for bows so I knew I had to have a bow on there. Peep toes are my favourite style of shoe – mainly so I can show of my various nail varnish experiments!
Although I love fashion, my style doesn’t really reflect the high street trends and I like to pick things that I love and that I think are ‘me’. I love black with pops of colour and I think my Sex Kitten shoes show this well. They are basically me in shoe form!

5. What did you think when you opened your parcel from Upper Street?
Amazing! I actually included a bit about this in my blog post . The packaging was so beautiful. I loved the pink bow (I think i’ll be wearing that baby in my hair!) The handwritten note also made me feel really special and the beautiful velvet dust bag was just the icing on the cake. I also loved that I got an Upper Street keyring and some rubber insoles – not that i’ll need them, my shoes are so comfortable!

6. What did your friends have to say about your shoes?
My blog readers LOVED them and a lot of them are now checking out the site themselves. My husband said they were very sexy!

7. So will we be seeing you at Upper Street again soon?
Of course! I want to get designing again. I’m thinking some block heels for me next.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your wedding, that reflects you and your partner and declaring your love in your way, we fully recommend a visit to www.rocknrollbride.com. There’s a wealth of inspiring features and stories of real weddings and beautiful photos. And of course design your perfect , individual wedding shoes with Upper Street!

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  1. Katharine August 11th, 2011 11:07 am

    i love the pink with the leopard print, these are going to inspire brides everywhere to be daring with their wedding heels. have to say, i’m loving the mutli colour nails too x