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Nov 13

#ShoesDayTuesday Winner: Designing My Own “Chocolate & Wine” Platform Sandals

After being shortlisted a couple of times, Fiona’s third entry into the #ShoesDayTuesday competition was a winner. Her beautiful blue Mojo Moxy Dreamy sandals were stunning and her Upper Street design was as elegant and stylish winner in itself. Here is what Fiona had to say about her Upper Street experience.

Tell us a little about yourself

I have been a true shoe aficionado ever since I was a little girl.  (I don’t dare to count how many but let’s just say I own a few hundred pairs!)  When deciding what to wear in the morning, I choose the shoes first and then have the outfit and accessories revolve around them. Can you tell how much I love shoes?

Tell us how you discovered #ShoesDayTuesday  and the winning shoes you wore

I discovered Upper Street when my friend and fellow shoe-lover Jillian told me about her experience when she won #ShoesDayTuesday.  Inspired to design a few pairs of my own, I immediately checked out the website and was excited to see how easy it was to create a shoe masterpiece.  I was honoured when my first and second week’s entries on Twitter made the shortlist, but I was absolutely thrilled when my third entry (my blue Mojo Moxy Dreamy sandals) was selected as the winner!  The third time’s a charm, as they say.

Now talking about your Upper Street shoe – what inspired your shoe design?

Wine and chocolate are a beautiful combination in both food and fashion and these colors inspired my design. I wanted a classic sandal that could be paired with business day wear as well as something that could transition easily to wear with elegant evening attire.  Hence, the shoes I created are strappy, platform sandals with burgundy and brown suede uppers.  For their durability and lovely patterns, I selected and burgundy and brown snakeskin as the accents for the heel and platform.

What did you think of your shoes when you received them?

Three weeks later, my shoes arrived, beautifully packaged.  The craftsmanship is truly amazing and I couldn’t be more pleased with how well my design was transformed into these beautiful sandals. My dream of custom designing my own pair of shoes became a reality and I feel so blessed to own a pair of Upper Street shoes!

Have you worn your shoes yet? What did your friends think?

I haven’t worn them yet, but I can’t wait to wear them for my birthday in mid-October, and I hope I can find a lovely dress that will do them justice. I definitely see more Upper Street shoes in my near future.

Thank you very much for sharing your beautiful platform sandals with us Fiona, they are stunning and we can’t wait for the rain to go so you can show your fabulous shoe design off.

Win your own design shoes with #ShoesDayTuesday

All you need to do is wear a fun or unique pair of shoes every Tuesday (they don’t have to be Upper Street shoes!) and post a photo of you wearing your shoes to your Twitter and/or Instagram accounts using the hashtag #ShoesDayTuesday and tagging @UpperStreetShoe

find out more >>

Upper Street – the made-to-order luxury shoe label where you can design your own shoes and have them delivered right to your door.

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Nov 17

Shoe Design of the Week: Beautiful Bridal T-Bar Platform Peeps

This week’s Shoe Design of the Week comes from South Manchester and is lovely bride Francesca. We absolutely loved her story and we are sure you will too. She looked stunning on her wedding day! So keep reading to find out more about her experience with Upper Street.

Tell us a little about yourself

My [New!] name is Francesca Chiorando Meredith, I’m originally from South Manchester, but have spent the last ten years traveling up and down the country for various University degrees and jobs, until deciding to settle back home with my new husband! Since moving back up North I have been working with my family, but before that I trained and worked in fashion. I always have to have a project on the go, recently it was our wedding, and we have also been refurbishing our new house ready for married life… I love to have something to research, plan and design, and I love learning new things! This year I gone from screen-printing wedding invitations one night, to knocking plaster off walls the next day…it’s been an interesting year!

What inspired your shoe design?

Having worked in fashion [and being a bit of a control freak] as soon as I heard about Upper Street, there was no WAY I wasn’t going to buy their shoes for my wedding! I did try to talk myself out of it for a short while, as obviously the wedding costs were spiraling, I even bought a crappy pair of high street shoes at one point…but I just couldn’t do it… shoes are important to me, and even if no one sees them (which they did!) I know they are there. There is no way I could’ve worn just any old pair of high street shoes for my wedding. As some of my friends like to say, I am a little contrary, I’ll always like the thing that no one else likes…I think just to be awkward, so the idea of having bridal shoes that I designed, and that no one else would have, was amazing.

I played around with the design for quite a while on the online designer (which is just brilliant) I designed about 10 variations of the same shoe: I knew a few definites, it would be 4.5 inches, it would be a platform, and it had to have an ankle strap or T-bar (I’ve had an obsession with ankle straps since I was five!)

In the end, after visiting the lovely girls in their studio in London, they offered to make me a special shoe with a T-bar that is slightly different to the one they normally did. I love the idea of a T-bar, not only is it super cute, but it means you can throw yourself around without any risk of the shoes coming off!

I wanted to design a shoe that wasn’t obviously a bridal shoe, but was bridally enough, I wanted something that I could wear again… I couldn’t bear the thought of typical bridal shoes; I can’t stand satin, and low heels…eeek!!

What I didn’t expect was to design the shoe I ended up with, on paper it sounded awful: 4.5inch platform in white snakeskin and gold leather?? Yeugh! But they are gorgeous! A lot of my wedding was understated, quite a plain dress, Pachelbel to walk down the aisle, a lot of it whispered simplicity, but these wonderful little shoes, hiding underneath my dress, ready to pop out screamed excitement!

What did you think of your shoes when you received them?

I adored my shoes on sight! I immediately tried them on and started prancing around in them! There were a few slight fit issues, and when I contacted the girls at Upper Street, they could not have been more helpful! I sent the shoes back and received a perfectly fitting pair within a few weeks. I was so impressed with their service and contact, which is absolutely invaluable, especially where stressed out brides are concerned!

I loved how beautifully the shoes were packaged, they were totally luxurious, I kept getting them out looking at them, and spending ages wrapping them back up again! The shoes themselves were beautiful, they were so well made, and I couldn’t believe how well they fit considering I had ordered them online. I just could not wait to be able to wear them properly.

Have you worn your shoes yet?

I wore my shoes for my wedding in June 2012, and they were a hit! Aside from being gorgeous, they were so comfortable that I wore them all day long, and even walked from the reception to our house in them (which took us about 30 minutes!) I danced like mad in them, and ran around, without one tiny bit of discomfort. This is pretty impressive for wearing shoes for the first time, for over twelve hours!

A lot of my friends asked to see my shoes, as they all know that I love high heels, and it was great to show them off! A few were quite surprised at how high they were for a wedding shoe, but not surprised that I had chosen them. It was brilliant to be able to show off my shoes, and explain how special they were, to have something so individual for my wedding, when so many things are often repeated. I had had a few problems with over aspects of the wedding, and so to have this part be so perfect was really lovely, and not something I had originally planned.

The week of the wedding, I was even more surprised to receive a lovely card from the girls, wishing me well for our wedding, it was so lovely of them to remember, and to show such care. It shows that to the girls at Upper Street, it’s not just about making shoes, it’s making dreams come true!

Thank you very much Francesca for sharing your gorgeous wedding shoe design, story and beautiful photos with us. We’re delighted to have played a part in making your wedding day so special.

Being able to design your bridal shoes at Upper Street means there are no limits – tear up the rule book and be as individual as you like.  As well as uing your choice of material, we can offer special orders such as inscribing your shoes and adding a blue lining. What better way to help make your wedding day the most amazing day of your life?

For bridal inspiration visit our bespoke bridal shoes gallery and view our bridal blue shoe gallery to see more colours, design and embellishment options and then create your own personal design in Upper Street’s 3D Shoe DesignerBrowse our full range of colours and materials in our Swatch Store and you can order swatches for that all important perfect match.

Upper Street - the made-to-order luxury shoe label where you can design your own individual shoes and have them delivered right to your door.

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Sep 17

Help Julia pick her next Upper Street shoe design

Category: Shoe Love,Trends

We know how hard it can be to pick your favourite shoe design, but with Upper Street’s Shared Collections you can share your shoe designs and invite your friends to review, ‘Love’ and help you pick your perfect shoe design.

This week, Julia Grinham, Upper Street ‘s Co-founder, is looking to update her shoe wardrobe for Autumn and she’d love to hear your thoughts on her  shoe designs!

Join Julia’s Shared Collection and help her pick the shoe design that she’ll order.

Love the design you think is just right for her, give your views and design advice in ‘Comments:’ should she add a large bow to that lovely burgundy ballet flat or would it be better to go with a black suede pointed court instead? Or design a whole new shoe and share it with Julia.

Julia will announce the winning design on Facebook and Twitter on Monday 24th September, so you have until Sunday 23rd September to give your shoe design advice.

Join Julia’s Shared Collection >>

What to know more about Julia’s personal style before giving your feedback?

Read about Julia’s Luxe Must-Haves >>

Julia’s go to evening shoes >>

Julia’s working shoe wardrobe >>

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Jun 25

Upper Street Masterclass – How To Design Your Shoe

For most shoe lovers, the prospect of designing their own bespoke shoe is the ultimate dream scenario. But sometimes, having the chance to create something that encompasses all you want in a shoe may feel a little daunting – the pressure to get it perfectly right is definitely on!

So we’ve looked back at some of the chats we’ve had with customers who needed a little extra assistance in creating a dream shoe and put the key points into our latest Upper Street Masterclass  - How To Design Your Shoes. Take a look at some common questions below and then step forth and design your shoes in complete confidence!

Help! I Don’t Know Where To Start!

Emerald turquoise platform peep toe, Studded ballet flat, Monochrome round toe brogue

Think of the shoe that’s missing from your collection. Which shoe styles make you feel good and help put a real spring in your step? If you’re not comfortable in a high heel avoid them – at Upper Street we have plenty of gorgeous lower heeled options.

You can also customise our shoe designs or get inspiration from our beautiful shoe photos. Browse a whole host of beautiful shoes in our galleries, view photos of shoes on Pinterest and on our Facebook photo albums. Then just get stuck in and have fun!

Is It Really Boring To Design A Classic Shoe?

Nude bow platform court, Zebra pointed court

No…definitely not, your shoe should reflect your personal taste and needs. And so often, it’s those simple, yet classic, shoes that are the ones that you can never find on the High Street. But what you can do is add a personal touch or twist to a classic. Choose a design with a contrasting counter back or heel. Or why not keep to the same colour mix but use different materials – brogue detailing is a great way to add detail to a classically chic design.

There Are So Many Colours…Which Do I Choose?

Asymmetric jewels peep toe platform

Don’t be afraid to experiment with colour. At any stage of the design process you can change shoe colours, so mix and match – be bold and surprise yourself! If you’re still unsure, take a look at your wardrobe contents and think about what will work with your favourite pieces. Start your Upper Street shoe collection for your own inspiration – just save your shoe designs and share with friends via email and Facebook and ask for their views. You can also browse our swatch store for colour inspiration and order swatches to give you confidence and make sure you’ve got your shoe just right.

I Know Which Colours I Like But Which Material Should I Use?

Rule Britannia platform peep toe, Purple & brown platform sandal

When choosing your materials, think about where and when you’ll wear the shoe. Something delicate like Italian satin is perfect for an evening shoe but not so practical for a daily work shoe. If you’re designing with patent bear in mind that it’s a little bit stiffer than leather and therefore less flexible. A good option is to mix and match to give accents to your shoes, putting harder wearing materials on the heels for instance.

I’m Worried About How My Design Will Fit – How Can You Help?

Gold round toe brogue, Snakeskin T-bar sandal

Firstly think about your foot shape and what normally works for you – our sizing and width options cover sizes 33- 43 and 4 width fittings. We also offer advice on fit via a phone call, email and of course during our VIP appointments at the studio. If you receive your shoe and find that it doesn’t fit we can alter it, and if necessary remake free of charge. With Upper Street, there’s no fear of ordering and getting stuck with a pair of shoes that don’t fit.

Hopefully by now you’re raring to go and ready to create those perfect shoes that you thought were previously unobtainable. But don’t hesitate to contact us at any stage of your design process – after all, no one appreciates the need for shoe perfection more than us!

Upper Street shoes come in a huge range of sizes from the petite 33 (UK 1.5) to the generous 43 (UK 10) with 4 width fittings. We also offer free alterations to fit and we’re so confident that you’ll love your final design that we’ll refund you if you don’t!

Upper Street – the luxury made-to-order shoe label where you can design your own shoes and have them delivered right to your door.

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