Hi guys, today's video has been brought to you in light of Johnny Depp's article that he did for GQ Britain. In which he explains that HE was the victim of abuse in his marriage to Amber Heard, In a statement released yesterday by his lawyer, Adam Waldman, he states that he has undeniable evidence and a sworn testimony to prove that Amber ADMITTED to abusing him in court documents, which he is going to bring to light in his upcoming court date against the law suit he filed against The Sun newspaper for Libel. As always, here are the links to everything I have discussed and referenced in this video. 

GQ Article titled 'Johnny Depp will not be buried': 

Amber Heard retaliation statement: 

Adam Waldman's extensive statement: 

Amber Heard 2009 Domestic Violence Arrest, INCLUDING COURT RECORDING!

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Please watch my video titled "Why Amber Heard Is The WORST Advocate For Domestic Violence Victims" as in this I go through the court documents if you wish to know more. Otherwise, the documents are all online for everyone to read, all you have to do is search for them. 


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