Alain Delon is one of France’s most famous and most loved actors, who is to this day celebrated for his incredible talent. In the early 60’s to late 70’s Alain Delon was named the most handsome actors in France, thanks to his great looks. Nowadays the 89 years old actor leaves reclusive in his property outside Paris. The actor is very protective of his privacy and rarely gives interviews.  
What many people ignore is that the famous actor has a little secret. This little secret has a name: Christian Aaron Boulogne and he is Alain Delon’s illegitimate son.

This secret son is never mentioned in the actor’s official biographies.
Ari, as his friends call him, was the result of an affair Alain Delon had with the German singer, actress and supermodel Nico. 
Nico whose real name is Christa Paffgen is well known for being Andy Warhol’s muse and the iconic face of the Velvet underground and the related movement. 


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