COAST TO COAST AM. Investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe discussed a strange, alien-looking female "mummy" covered in white powder with only three fingers and three toes and its current DNA results. Linda described the examination of a mummy found in an apparent underground "mausoleum" in Peru some 33 miles north-west of the famous Nazca lines. The being has an elongated skull, very long fingers, and toes, and was found covered in a white powder that was determined to be diatomaceous earth (a substance formed from fossilized microorganisms) in order to preserve the body. An analysis of the biological material still found in the figure indicated that it was at least 1800 years old, and as Steve Mera (who Linda interviewed for the segment) said, "could represent some form of human that we are not aware of" or could also be some form of human mutation or hybrid. The body and others have since disappeared into what Mera called "a warehouse full of these things."

Featured guests also include: Michael E. Salla
News segment guests: Lauren Weinstein, Michael Shedlock

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