We appreciate Alain's passion on filming....we can find his talents, management,  his challenges and his self-esteem.   

Very good modern dance beat music from Indila, while this audio is from the Violin Version by Sefa Emre İlikli, a Turkish musician/youtuber,  fantastic music arrangement,.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eNDmFLjfofA

(*Thanks for neso.azz and Mihaela's recommendation,  they told me Indila before.... but it's never too late to know a good musician.)  

"Dernière danse" (English: "Last dance") is a song recorded by French singer-songwriter Indila, the first single from her debut album, Mini World. 

Adila Sedraïa (born 26 June 1984), best known by her stage name Indila, is a French singer and songwriter. Indila describes herself as a "child of the world".[4][5] She is of Algerian, Egyptian, Indian and Cambodian descent and says that her stage name Indila comes from her insatiable love for India

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