Popularity is a strange thing. it becomes a form of mind control to Hegelian minded followers that can lead them down roads of confusion, chaos and the highest forms of magic. You know them by their fruit, and now that Q has been proven to be a psyop, watch as the directors change the stage once again. 
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Discovering deeper biblical interpretations, stolen from us by the enemy to keep us in bondage and asleep. Revealing the hidden agenda of the enemy in TV, film and music that is programming you for deception.
Why does Hollywood's depiction of all sorts of horror, perversion, actor mockery, under the guise of art and fiction. thrive on You Tube. Yet, when we discuss the very same topics to reveal the deeper meanings, they try to censor us? A child could understand how ridiculous and unfair this is. People have the right to believe or disbelieve anything they watch on TV, the same as they would when seeing a Hollywood film. Will we shut down Hollywood because people could believe what they are seeing is real and could harm others because of it?
Join me as we expose in high detail, the revelation of the method and rush to fictionalize the truth in current media. It is now obvious to me that the entire purpose of media is to fictionalize truth, in an attempt to subliminally obscure it from your discovery. You rationalize that it cant be true because it was depicted in media. And, who would tell on themselves like that? 


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