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Ever want to tune your sailboat rigging, but didn't know how... or didn't have "the right tools"? Well, this is a simple, effective technique, using nothing more than basic tools. This is how we tuned our rig on Satori.

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We are Nick and Kelly, two people with a spirit for adventure. Here we are documenting our journey as we travel the world with our dog Arthur aboard Satori (1989 Morgan 44 Center Cockpit Sailboat). This is a story of sailing and adventure, but its also about the beautiful souls we meet along the way. It’s a story of two people living their lives a little differently in order to gain a new perspective on our beautiful planet and the people in it. Our experiences have affected us in such a way, we are sharing them in the hopes that others will find the inspiration to do what they are passionate about. Follow your dreams! 


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