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SAVING DAVID POWELL is a riveting and heartbreaking film. David Powell is alive right now this minute, a living breathing human being with a heart and a mind and all kinds of reasons to live. He's already served 32 years and during this time he has done good things, compassionate things. He has served a life sentence. Now on top of this life sentence the State of Texas intends to carry out a death sentence too.
- Judith Tingley, Jan 31, 2010 

News Update:
In October 2009, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals refused to hear a petition filed by Davids legal team, containing new evidence that would have affected the outcome of his sentencing. Even though the Travis County District Attorney could have set an execution date at that time, she has not yet done so. If she does, David will be put to death by the State of Texas within 90 days.

There are no more appeals available to David, and nothing left, legally, to stop his execution. 


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