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It will have escaped few people that Philippe Gilbert had to leave the Tour de France in 2018 after a crash in a ravine. He drove out of the stage, but later appeared to have a broken kneecap, so he had to stop the fight afterwards. From that moment on two sports marketing companies have joined forces, resulting in a mini-documentary about 'The Life of Phil'.

The Comeback
It is no coincidence that the first part received this title. After his rehabilitation he started training again to be able to take action this season. He returned to the peloton in the Isbergues GP. A race in Northern France from the UCI Europe Tour. Not the highest level but a strong field of participants. Under the watchful eye of his parents Gilbert managed to celebrate this comeback with the victory.

The first episode of the mini-docu can be found on the website of The Life of Phil. After filling in your name and e-mail address you can view the first episode. This will take less than seven minutes. There will still be one or more mini-docs, but how much exactly is not known to us. The first is interesting in any case with unique images and interviews from and with Gilbert. 


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