CINCINNATI (WKRC) - Five young children, all related, were adopted on Thursday by their foster parents.

“No way were we going to split them up.”

That was the message from a foster mom and dad who are no longer foster parents. Now they're just parents.

Every court case has a number, but behind every number there is a person, or in this case, five.

Five children, the oldest age 12, the youngest age 2, were all adopted by their foster parents.

“We can't separate them, it's about the kids,” said Wil Rom, who is now the father of the five kids.

The kids, 12-year-old William, 9-year-old Truth, 6-year-old Mariana, 3-year-old Keyora, and 2-year-old KJ are all siblings or half siblings with the same mom.

Wil and Julie Rom took the youngsters in as foster children between 2014 and 2016 and then decided to adopt them all at once.

“There was never a second guess. It was a package, a package deal,” said Wil.

Judge Ralph Winkler presided in the creation of one big happy family.

“The kids would miss each other if we had to separate them and most of the time they do get separated, which is a sad thing for the children. But these kids get to stay together forever,” said Judge Ralph Winkler.

“We went from a three-bedroom ranch to a five-bedroom two-story. But it's for the kids. It's best to keep them together,” said Julie.

Others sharing the joy on Thursday were friends, family and even a former teacher of the two oldest kids.

“I look at these two boys right now and they are alive right now. Their eyes are bright with wonder. I could not be more grateful to Julie for letting former teachers in who have a piece of their heart in these children, to let them know that they're okay and I’m grateful to you for letting me be here for this process,” said Ann Boyle, a former teacher of the kids.

A lot of the time, people who are in a courtroom are either unhappy, in handcuffs, or both. That was definitely not the case on Thursday.

Court is adjourned. The family is in session. 


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